Cutting Fabric for Modern Trees

After posting about how I was going to make a Modern Trees quilt by joining Christa’s Christmas Quilt Along over at Christa Quilts yesterday, I was excited to jump into cutting up the fabric I’d bought.

I know Christa was planning to make her Modern Trees quilt with solids but I really want to use some prints.  Maybe it is that I’m still new to quilting but I just love the fun patterns and designs you can find in prints.  So I decided to compromise and went with relatively small patterned prints that appear at least mostly solid.  And I did go with solid brown for the trunks!


I also went ahead and bought all of my fabric for the backing, binding, and the border around my X-mas lights.  (Jo-Ann Fabric was having a good sale!)  I’m using the red and green plaid as backing, the red stripes for the border, and the red and green stripes for binding.


I’m using Kona Snow for the background and bought some solid fat quarters for making my string of X-mas light border.


Following Christa’s guide, I started cutting out my triangles for my trees.  As I only had 6 colors, I had to choose three of them to get 3 triangles and three of them for just 2 triangles to get my total of 15.  I tried to balance this with one dark fabric, one medium fabric, and one light fabric falling into each group.


I also cut my white strips for both the tree background tops and for the strip piecing of the trunks (although I didn’t get to cutting my brown trunk fabric yet).


While I think everything is looking good so far, I’m definitely going to have to allow more time than the quilt along recommends.  Christa had indicated that what I did last night took her about 45 minutes and let’s suffice it to say that it took me a little longer.  We’ll blame it on trying to catch up on my DVRed TV shows at the same time.  I was distracted!

Have you ever made a quilt with just solids?  Or are you too drawn to prints to totally give them up?


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