Joining Christa’s Christmas Quilt Along!

So I can’t decide if I’m a glutton for punishment or if I’m simply crazy but I’ve decided to join Christa’s Christmas Quilt Along over at Christa Quilts and make a Modern Trees quilt.  For those of you keeping count at home, that brings me up to 3 quilts that I’m working on at the same time (all while learning what I’m doing as I go).  Yeah – I think I’m crazy!

But you see, after seeing how fun the Modern Trees quilt looked, I simply couldn’t resist!  Check it out:

Modern TreesI love all of the different colors!  And if I’m being totally honest, I love that Christa will be basically walking me through it step by step.

But then, being me, I had to go make life a little more complicated.  The finished quilt top for the quilt along is 30″ by 40″.  But I wanted it to be bigger so that I could actually snuggle up beneath it.  So I’ve decided to add a 10″ wide border on all sides to make my finished quilt 50″ by 60″.

I’d seen this quilt awhile back made by Penny at Quilt2sr5:


I loved the Christmas light border and knew I’d have to do that at some point.  This seems like the perfect way to make my Modern Trees quilt big enough to snuggle with!

The border design actually originally came from The Christmas Trees pattern in the “A Slice of Christmas” eBook by Piece O’ Cake designs.

Penny from Quilt2sr5 did the same thing I’m planning to do – put the Christmas lights border around a different Christmas themed center.

So doing a little copying and pasting to attempt to combine the images of the quilt along quilt with my desired border, I’ve made a (slightly imperfect) mock-up of the quilt design I’ll be making:

X-mas Quilt Mock-up

Christa posted the first step in the process this morning so hopefully I can get started with my Modern Trees Christmas quilt in the next day or so!

Have you ever done a quilt along?  If so, did you have any problems keeping up with the quilting schedule?


6 thoughts on “Joining Christa’s Christmas Quilt Along!

  1. The string of lights border is going to be fabulous! I love this pattern, too. It’s so clean and crisp. Looks like you are trucking along with making the trees! They look great so far.

    • It’s definitely not too late to join but I’m not the one hosting the quilt along. Christa over at Christa Quilts ( is posting all the tutorials so you should follow over there for making your quilt top (although I’d love it if you follow me too!). The next tutorial is supposed to be posted on Oct. 9th but you can find the first tutorial (the one I’ve completed) on her blog already. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


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