Snow Day = Quilting Day

So today in Atlanta is a Snowpocalypse! The entire city has completely shut down! Granted, I was born and raised in the North so the ~2 inches of snow that we got is absolutely no big deal to me.

IMG_0045                          IMG_0047

But since Atlanta (and really, most of the South) freaks out about snow, the university where my lab is located has closed campus and my boss has told me not to come into work.  The entire state has been declared under a state of emergency.  Guess that means I’ve got a sewing day!

I’ve been working on all the piecing for my cross/plus quilt for my brother so hopefully I can make a good dent into that today.


My dog Khloe has really been enjoying playing in the snow so I’m sure I’ll be out there with her for a bit too!

IMG_0040                           IMG_0034

Anyone else in the South getting a snow day today?