Round Trip Quilts – Round Three

For the third round of our travelling quilts group, Round Trip Quilts, I got the chance to add on to Mary’s quilt.  Mary blogs over at See Mary Quilt.  Mary’s quilt top has a rainbow and low volume theme to it.

Now I must admit, Mary is lucky that this quilt top didn’t conveniently get “lost in the mail” because I love how it is looking so far and wanted to steal it for myself!

I loved the rainbow pattern that was flowing around each border but I also felt like it was ready to have a calmer, more quiet border to break up the color a little bit.  But I couldn’t completely give up the rainbow effect, so I decided to make skinny strips of color between larger white on white blocks!

Round Trip Quilts - 1

I think the border ultimately accomplished just what I was hoping for!  The eyes have a bit of a place to rest between the super colorful borders without  giving up on the rainbow side of the theme.  The colored strips finish at just half an inch wide so they are really more of a subtle touch of color.

Round Trip Quilts - 2

I used some black “chalkboard” fabric for the corners to tie back in to the black patterned borders from near the quilt center.

Round Trip Quilts - 3

I hope Mary loves the progress as much as I do and if not, I’ll gladly take it off her hands when we’re done!  🙂


Round Trip Quilts – Round Two

We’ve also had a couple of rounds of additions to our group of travelling quilts for Round Trip Quilts!  For the second round, I got to add on to Chelsea’s quilt.  Chelsea blogs over at Patch the Giraffe and her quilt is themed around solids with a low volume background.  I love the paper pieced stars she used for her starting block!

I decided that I was going to add one wider border to a single side of Chelsea’s quilt instead of encircling it with a smaller border.  So I started off making a variety of stars and other small blocks using some solids and low volume background.

Round Trip Quilts 1

Then I laid them out alongside the quilt top and figured out I layout I liked.  This allowed me to easily see and measure where I needed to fill in more low volume background.

Round Trip Quilts 2

Soon, I had a finished addition containing five blocks on a scrappy, low volume background!

Round Trip Quilts 3

I added in along the bottom of the quilt top and I love how this quilt top is coming together so far!

Round Trip Quilts 4

I hope Chelsea likes it as much as I do!

Round Trip Quilts 5

It was sent off late late year to the next person in our group so this top has even more added to it at this point!

Round Trip Quilts – Round One

I’m so excited about how the first round of our Round Trip Quilts travelling bee went!  For the first round, I had the pleasure of working on Christina’s quilt.  Christina blogs over at Wips & Tuts and she asked for a fall/autumn themed quilt.  Here’s the center she sent me to start with:

Round Trip Quilts 1

She also sent a cute little fox but I forgot to take a picture of him!

My mind immediately went to the beautiful fall colors at Brown County State Park since Christina is from my home state of Indiana where I was born and raised.  But then I thought maybe I should look more at fall in my new home state of Georgia.  And here in Georgia, we love to go apple picking in the fall.

Round Trip Quilts 2

I have always loved apples (they were always a favorite snack as a kid) so I love getting to go up to North Georgia every fall and pick apples.  And we’re always eating everything while we pick too!

Round Trip Quilts 3

So I decided that Christina’s quilt needed a border of apple blocks!

Round Trip Quilts 4

I am in love with how this turned out and it actually makes me want to make a fall themed and colored quilt for myself!  Let’s go ahead and add one more thing to the ever growing list of quilts I want to make!

Round Trip Quilts 5

I think the apple cores in the corners are my favorite part.  They are my husband’s favorite too!

Round Trip Quilts 6

Christina is having each of us make these little signature blocks for her quilt too.  Look how tiny it is compared to my rotary cutter!

Round Trip Quilts 7

I hope Christina likes how her quilt is taking shape so far and I can’t wait to work on Chelsea’s quilt for round 2!

Introducing Round Trip Quilts!

Sorry for teasing you guys with my sneak peak earlier this week but now I can finally share with you the new long-term project I’m taking part in!

A small group of us from the 2014 New Quilt Blogger’s Blog Hop got together and decided to start a round robin style quilting bee. Many of us (myself included!) are new to this format so it’s exciting to be taking on a new challenge.

Round Trip Quilts, logo

We decided to call our group Round Trip Quilts. It works by creating a starting block(s) and sending it to then next person on the mailing list.  Each person adds a little bit to the quilt and eventually the quilt top will return to it’s original owner completely finished.  Hence, the round trip part!

I debated for a while on what I wanted to do for my quilt start.  We’d talked about giving each quilt a theme and I just didn’t really have a theme that was speaking to me.  So I started looking through my Pinterest and was drawn to my color schemes folder and was just really loving the bright colors in this inspiration picture.

Color inspiration, Round Trip Quilts
I pulled some fabric and was completely smitten so I decided to run with it and make my theme a color scheme!  So as long as people stick to the color scheme, they are free to let their imagination run wild when adding to my quilt!  I did buy some yardage of a background solid (Timeless Treasures in Sky) that I’ll be sending along as well just to give the various additions some cohesiveness.
Fabric Pull, Round Trip Quilts
I really like geometric shapes and I figured those would give a ton of options for others to coordinate with.  So I put together a quick improv block.
Round Trip Quilts, improv block
But then I was browsing Pinterest some more and I came across this improv chevrons block and I loved it.  So I made one of those too!  (This block took way longer than I thought it would to put together but I love the finished result.)
Round Trip Quilts, improv block
But then I felt like the improv chevrons block didn’t include very much of my background solid so I made a dozen cross stitch blocks that my group members can fit somewhere in my quilt top.
Round Trip Quilts, cross stitch blocks
So I don’t really have a starting block to send off to the group.  I have a handful of starting pieces.  But I love how they look together and I can’t wait to see what everyone else decides to add!
Round Trip Quilts, blocks
We also decided to send along notebooks with our blocks.  These would allow us to share more details about the original inspiration for each quilt as well as giving a place for us each to write about what we were thinking as we make the additions to each quilt.  I found this cute notebook at Target that seemed perfect for this project!
Round Trip Quilts, Journal

Round Trip Quilts now has a Flickr group and you can follow us on Instagram using #RoundTripQuilts!

The full list of members is below:
Heather at QA Creations
Leanne at Devoted Quilter
Kim at Ties That Bind Quilting
Liz at Green Cheese Quilting
Mary at See Mary Quilt
Christina at WIPs and Tuts
Jennifer at Never Just Jennifer
Chelsea Huckins at Patch the Giraffe

Check out what they’ve all put together!  These are going to be some awesome ladies to work with and I can’t wait!