Quilt Top Finished – My Sister’s Quilt!

This weekend I finished adding the last of the sashing and borders to my sister’s quilt and did a little photo shoot.  I wanted to show it off a little better than the poor lighting shot in my last post.


The wind wasn’t being super cooperative today so I couldn’t get it to hang quite flat but you can still see the full quilt pretty well.

DSC_1542  DSC_1547

The colors are much more vibrant than they looked in my dim extra bedroom too!

DSC_1550  DSC_1540

I feel like the quilting on this is going to be way trickier than on the baby quilt I made.  This quilt is over more than 80″ by 80″!  That’s a lot of fabric to maneuver through my domestic machine!


I’m really happy with how it turned out though.  Plus, I’m feeling a little ahead of the trends.  There are definitely some Radiant Orchid colors in there (Pantone’s Color of the Year) but this quilt was started before that was ever announced.  Who knew I was such a trendsetter?!?  🙂

DSC_1551                                    DSC_1544

I can’t wait for my sister to see this!  But I’m having trouble coming up with a good name.  The colors are definitely cooler and I was leaning towards something like “Ice Crystals” but I’m just not sure.  Any suggestions?


WIP – My Sister’s Quilt

Some of you may remember the quilt I am making for my sister.  I’m using the Refracted Quilt tutorial by Melissa at Happy Quilting to make her a blue and purple quilt.

So I haven’t shared any progress on this quilt since the beginning of October.  I’ve been putting my focus on some other projects while chipping away bit by bit on this in the background.  Last time I shared it with you, I’d only completed 10 of the 25 blocks.


Well now I have all 25 blocks completed and I have the sashing added so that they are attached in rows!  The lighting isn’t the best in our extra bedroom but that is the only room with enough floor space to lay everything out.  It also probably didn’t help that I took this at about 11:30 pm last night!


I really love how it is coming together!  I just need to do the sashing between each row and the border on the outside and I’ll have this quilt top finished.

WIP Wednesday – 10 Down, 15 to Go!

In between working on my Modern Tree blocks, I’ve also been continuing to work on the blocks for my sister’s quilt.  So far, I have 10 blocks completed so I’ve got 15 left to go.  Almost to the halfway point!


Having just these 10 blocks laid out on the kitchen floor, I’ve starting to realize how large this quilt is going to be when I’m finished!  Don’t mind my dog, Khloe.  She wanted to help me with the picture taking.  For size reference, she is a 40 lb lab mix.


And actually, my quilt is going to end up a little bit smaller than what the pattern calls for.  I realized that when I’ve sewn the pieces on my squares together, I must not be lining up the edges exactly how I am supposed to.  The seams all look good but the outside edges of my finished squares didn’t align at all.  And I wasn’t able to trim them down to the 16″ squares the pattern called for and be able to get even sides.  So I decided to make them 15.5″ squares instead.

Thanks for the help Khloe!


Do your pets “help” you with your sewing at all?  Khloe couldn’t care less about what I’m doing when I’m actually sewing but when things start being laid out on the floor, she gets very excited!

A Quilt for My Sister

Just to keep me on my toes, I’m working on a second quilt alongside the quilt for my cousin’s new baby.  This second quilt is for my sister for a birthday present.  I got her input on colors (she requested blues and purples) and then I chose a pattern and picked specific fabrics.

For this quilt, I’m following the Refracted Quilt tutorial by Melissa at Happy Quilting.  The PDF version of the pattern is also available in her shop.

I loved how it showed off so many different fabrics (the picnic size uses 25 fat quarters)!

I took advantage of some great Labor Day sales at Jo Ann Fabric at bought a bunch of their blue and purple fat quarters at about 50% off.  I also bought a couple of coordinating fabrics off the bolt so I’d have a few things that incorporated multiple colors (all of Jo Ann’s fat quarters – at least that I saw – were basically single colors).  Here’s what I ended up with:


As you can see, I’d already separated them into five groups of 5.  You can see the individual fabric prints better here:

DSC_1414    DSC_1412

I’m planning to go through each set of 5 one at a time instead of cutting everything up at once.  It seemed like it would be easier to me.  So I took my first set of 5 and cut each fabric into an 18″ square.  I then stacked the 5 squares on top of each other and cut out my 5 various segments.


Then it simply started mixing the segments up into 5 individuals squares until I was happy with the color combinations and the look of the various pieces.  Here are a couple of my layouts from the first set of fabrics:

DSC_1418      DSC_1420

I have just a single square sewn together at this point so I’ve got a ways to go with this project.  It is nice to be working with such bright, bold colors though after spending the last couple of weeks working with the softer, pale colors in the baby quilt.  What’s you favorite quilt you’ve made for a friend or family member?