Planning My First Quilt

I decided that I wanted to learn how to quilt so that I could make a baby quilt for my cousin’s new baby girl.  Baby Allie already joined the family in July (she is so cute!) but the quilt I’m making will be her Christmas gift from me this year.

I have a pretty large extended family, especially on my dad’s side.  My dad has three sisters, all of whom married.  Then there are 10 cousins and 4 of those cousins are married now.  And some of the married cousins have had kids of their own now (we’re up to 5 so far).  So when we get everyone together for the holidays, we sometimes have up to 27 people running around!

We decided long ago that for holiday gift exchanges, we’d draw names out of a hat because there are way too many of us to buy for everyone.  This way, everyone is only buying for one other person.  My mom has been in charge of actually doing the drawing and making all the pairings for a long time now but she will occasionally “cheat” on the drawing if someone has a really good idea for a specific person and wants to be paired with them.  So I asked my mom to make sure I was chosen to buy for baby Allie this year!

I was really drawn to the Derailed Quilt Pattern by FrivolousNecessity for baby Allie.  I loved the use of pinks and yellows together which made it look girly but it also had a bit more pizzazz than many baby quilts I see.  I don’t know if I’m adventurous or simply crazy to start off with a quilt with so many half-square triangles (HST) but I guess we’ll see how it goes!


So off to Jo-Ann Fabrics I went to try to find 9 different pink and yellow fabrics that would work well together.  I’ll be honest, the fabric buying process really intimidated me.  There are so many fabrics to choose from and I just didn’t know if I had the eye for telling what fabrics would look good together in a finished quilt.  I’d read all about making sure you had a mix of small, medium, and large scale patterns and having different shades of colors to give visual interest but I wasn’t so sure I could actually put it to practice.

After spending a long time digging through the racks, pulling way more fabrics than I needed and narrowing them down to my top 9, I came up with the below prints.  My color scheme expanded a little bit to be a mixture of pinks, yellows, and grays.


I found a white on white polka dot fabric for my background (unfortunately I had a hard time capturing the white on white with the camera but hopefully you can see what I’m talking about).


Lastly, I had to choose fabric for the backing and binding.  For my first quilt, I felt it would be easier to decide all of this ahead of time and just buy all of my fabric at once.  But I also didn’t want to have to try to coordinate any more fabrics into the mix so I decided to choose two of the fabrics from the front.  I’m using a white/pink/yellow floral pattern for the backing (left) and a soft pink polka dot print for the binding (right).


Now I should have everything I need to start cutting out my pieces and sewing!  Wish me luck!

When making baby quilts, do you prefer pinks/blues or gender neutral color schemes?