More Skill Builder Blocks

I got a little bit behind on my Skill Builder BOM blocks while I was busy with other projects but I finished up two more blocks in the last few days and got all caught back up.

First up is the Machine Stitches block.


Man were there tons of tiny seams in this block!  Just check out what the back looks like (is it bad that I think it is almost as neat looking as the front?)!


The second block is the Chevron Star and Churn Dash block.


I think it is kind of fun that this super modern quilt is still incorporating a couple of very traditional blocks.

Here’s how the quilt is coming along so far:

Composite of Completed Blocks

Now I just need to get caught up on the quilting of my blocks (I’ll admit – I haven’t started that yet!)!


Thread Spools Block

I’ve now finished my second block for the Skill Builder BOM 2014 hosted by Pile O’ Fabric.  This block was of three spools of variegated thread.


To give the appearance of of the changing colors of the variegated thread, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought just 1/8 yard of 3 different other Kona pinks that I thought coordinated well with the Kona Pomegranate that I already had.  I ended up getting Kona Baby Pink, Kona Carnation, and Kona Bright Pink.


I’m loving how these blocks look together!

Pile O’ Fabric Skill Builder BOM 2014

In addition to the Stash Bee that I already shared with you, I’ve also decided to join Pile O’ Fabric‘s Skill Builder BOM 2014.

How could I resist this awesome sewing themed quilt?!?  I thought it was just too fun not to make!

I wanted to stick with solid fabrics as I’ve never made a quilt with solids before and I really liked the bright, saturated colors used in the pattern.  I decided to stick with a similar color scheme too but I did pick a few different shades than the pattern.


I’m using the following Kona Solid fabrics for this quilt:

  • Kona Pomegranate
  • Kona Sunny
  • Kona Cypress
  • Kona Turquoise
  • Kona Storm
  • Kona Shale
  • Kona Shadow
  • Kona White

I got started on the first couple of blocks yesterday since I was off work for MLK day.  I finished the ruler and I love how it turned out!


I have all the pieces for the spools of thread cut and I’ve started piecing them together so hopefully I’ll have another completed block to share with you soon!

We’re just getting started so it isn’t too late to join the fun!