Round Trip Quilts – Round Three

For the third round of our travelling quilts group, Round Trip Quilts, I got the chance to add on to Mary’s quilt.  Mary blogs over at See Mary Quilt.  Mary’s quilt top has a rainbow and low volume theme to it.

Now I must admit, Mary is lucky that this quilt top didn’t conveniently get “lost in the mail” because I love how it is looking so far and wanted to steal it for myself!

I loved the rainbow pattern that was flowing around each border but I also felt like it was ready to have a calmer, more quiet border to break up the color a little bit.  But I couldn’t completely give up the rainbow effect, so I decided to make skinny strips of color between larger white on white blocks!

Round Trip Quilts - 1

I think the border ultimately accomplished just what I was hoping for!  The eyes have a bit of a place to rest between the super colorful borders without  giving up on the rainbow side of the theme.  The colored strips finish at just half an inch wide so they are really more of a subtle touch of color.

Round Trip Quilts - 2

I used some black “chalkboard” fabric for the corners to tie back in to the black patterned borders from near the quilt center.

Round Trip Quilts - 3

I hope Mary loves the progress as much as I do and if not, I’ll gladly take it off her hands when we’re done!  🙂


13 thoughts on “Round Trip Quilts – Round Three

  1. Your addition is lovely and a perfect resting place for the eyes. I really like the black keystones in the corner and how it ties back to the center as well. The rainbow order here is so yummy, Mary is lucky it is still moving along! 😉

  2. Great border addition to this quilt! It is a perfect calmer addition like you said but you did a great job staying true to the rainbow theme! I’m so enjoying watching these quilts going through the round robin process.

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