Round Trip Quilts – Round Two

We’ve also had a couple of rounds of additions to our group of travelling quilts for Round Trip Quilts!  For the second round, I got to add on to Chelsea’s quilt.  Chelsea blogs over at Patch the Giraffe and her quilt is themed around solids with a low volume background.  I love the paper pieced stars she used for her starting block!

I decided that I was going to add one wider border to a single side of Chelsea’s quilt instead of encircling it with a smaller border.  So I started off making a variety of stars and other small blocks using some solids and low volume background.

Round Trip Quilts 1

Then I laid them out alongside the quilt top and figured out I layout I liked.  This allowed me to easily see and measure where I needed to fill in more low volume background.

Round Trip Quilts 2

Soon, I had a finished addition containing five blocks on a scrappy, low volume background!

Round Trip Quilts 3

I added in along the bottom of the quilt top and I love how this quilt top is coming together so far!

Round Trip Quilts 4

I hope Chelsea likes it as much as I do!

Round Trip Quilts 5

It was sent off late late year to the next person in our group so this top has even more added to it at this point!


7 thoughts on “Round Trip Quilts – Round Two

  1. Your addition of stars to the round trip quilt are lovely. I really need to play some with low volume fabrics. They work so well for the backgrounds of so many quilt styles. Thanks for sharing with us all and linking up at TGIFF.

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