Stash Bee 2014 – November Blocks

Our last month of Stash Bee 2014 was November and Sue was our Queen Bee for the month.  She asked for scrappy and wonky stars on a low volume background.  She even gave us a bunch of colors to choose from for the stars so it was really easy to work with what was in my scrap pile.

Stash Bee 2

What wasn’t so easy (at least for me) was the wonky part.  I’m too much of a perfectionist sometimes and I struggle to sew wonky.  I’d rather just make it all straight and even!

Stash Bee 1

I hope my blocks ended up wonky enough for Sue’s liking.  They made their way up to Minnesota back before Thanksgiving.

Stash Bee 3

And that was a wrap for Stash Bee 2014!


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