Finished Bungalow Quilt Top

Well this post is a long time coming.  Not because it took me long to sew together the quilt top (it actually went together pretty quickly).  But it was over a week after I finished the quilt before I could even take any photos!  A combination of rainy weather and a couple of late days at work where it was already dark when I got home and all of a sudden more than a week had passed.  So without further ado, here is my finished Bungalow quilt top!

Bungalow, quilt top, easy bricks

This quilt was made using the Easy Bricks Quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop and I really like how the pattern allowed the larger prints from Joel Dewberry’s Bungalow line to shine.

Bungalow, quilt top, easy bricks

I haven’t worked a whole lot with precuts and I noticed when working with this layer cake that the 10″ by 10″ squares seemed to not be the right size.  I cut them in half (I measured 5 inches in from the left side) but when I paired them up with the 5″ precut white charm squares, many of the layer cake strips were too narrow.

Bungalow, quilt top, easy bricks

Luckily this pattern was pretty forgiving and with a lot of glue basting to match seams and easing of the fabric, I was able to make my seams line up well enough.  But I was a little annoyed about the inaccuracy.  Has anyone else noticed this with precuts before?

Bungalow, quilt top, easy bricks

I love the colors in this quilt.  There are some great jewel tones and really saturated prints!  I stressed a little bit trying to get the colors and prints balanced and I think I ended up doing pretty good!

Bungalow, quilt top, easy bricks

I’ve bought some yardage from the line for the backing and am going to do a little piecing for it but hopefully I’ll be able to get this quilted up soon!

Bungalow, quilt top, easy bricks

I can’t wait to finally have a quilt I get to keep!


13 thoughts on “Finished Bungalow Quilt Top

  1. I did the same, cut into jelly roll & charm squares thinking all should line up…charms weren’t square… Lesson learned I always measure precuts before starting. Glad you were able to make it work. Love the colors.

  2. I never even thought about pre=cuts being out of size Yikes. So far I have only used charm packs so I will have to pay more attention. The quilt turned out lovely.

  3. Great finish – love your quilt. Oh yes, I have noticed the inaccurate measurements of precuts. I’m queen of precuts – have bought the precuts since they first came out. Many patterns I’ve used, I’ve had to square up my finished blocks to a smaller size, luckily some patterns are forgiving that way – others are not. As much as we pay for precuts it would be nice if their supposed precut precision was a little more precise! 🙂 I do love them for their variety of the fabric line though.

  4. The moral of the story is: don’t buy precuts!
    From the title of your post I was expecting to see houses on your quilt top!

  5. I’ve been seeing tis pattern pop up a few times. It’s great to show off all of those prints! You’ve mixed up the colours nicely!

    I’ve had a couple of precuts that had part-sized pieces. I remember a layercake that had a 5″x10″ piece in it and then a charm pack with a charm 3/4 of the size it should be though with both I didn’t notice until I was pulling them apart months later! I find the precuts with the pinked edges tricky to measure as well because sometimes they match up from the edge, sometimes you have to ignore the pinked part altogether.

  6. I love this quilt and think you’ve done a great job balancing colours. I spend far too long trying to get placement right so it’s balanced but invariably find something that looks out of place after I’ve started sewing, and then I rearrange like crazy but with the added constraint of having some pieces sewn together already. And once I’ve got it right again and start sewing again, then I notice I’ve unintentionally added more wrongly placed pieces than I had in the first place! Ah well.

    I share your frustration with precuts! Wonky squares where one or more sides are a quarter inch out. Distorted non-squares, no sides lining up. I refuse to buy them again but suffer the same frustration with a Liberty club I’ve joined (not one of the big US ones – don’t want to cast aspersions on them) where the cuts are consistently smaller than advertised and wonky as can be. Excuse my venting of frustration, it’s just nice to know others experience the same annoyance.

    Very glad to have found your blog (via flickr), will enjoy reading in the future!

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