Stash Bee 2014 – July Block

It was great to finally get to sit down at my sewing machine again last night.  And with the end of July just days away, my first order of business was to complete my block for the Stash Bee!

Our Queen Bee for this month is Yanick who blogs over at Sewn With Curves.  She wanted us to make concentric squares with rainbow colors.  It is sort of a wonky, rainbow log-cabin like block.  She gave us a lot of flexibility in terms of finished size, squares vs. rectangles, red center vs. purple center, etc.  Here is what I came up with:

Stash Bee, rainbow, concentric squares, wonky

I’ve not done a lot of wonky sewing so I had to resist the temptation to just make everything straight!  And I know the picture looks uneven but it is just from the wonky angles.  The block fits perfectly under my 12.5″ square ruler!

Yanick’s finished quilt is going to be so bright and colorful!


5 thoughts on “Stash Bee 2014 – July Block

  1. Your work is very nice and neat. I love this block and will buzz over and check out the others as they are posted. I am thinking of joining the Stash Bee next round. It was through you that I found it. Also, it looks like you had a fun trip. I would love to travel the world some day – especially Europe. I have a daughter in Russia right now – would love to visit there too.

  2. Kim it has turned out great! Who would have thought the marbleized fabric would look so good with the others, but it really does! It is hard to be wonky when you are such a precise sewer, but your stash bee friends shall be pleased!

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