Finished Quilt – Boy Crazy

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I hope you guys were able to spend some quality time with family and friends (we had a big party at our swim and tennis club) while still remembering the reason we are able to enjoy this extra day off work.  Thank you and god bless to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country!

Earlier this weekend, I finished quilting and binding my Jelly Roll Jam baby quilt.  And it is a good thing too because the little guy I was making it for made his appearance earlier today!

Boy Crazy, Jelly Roll Jam Quilt, Spiral Quilting

“Boy Crazy”
Quilt Stats:
Size: 40″ x 40″
Pattern: Jelly Roll Jam by Fat Quarter Shop
Type of Quilting: Spiral on my home machine
Fabric Line(s) Used: Boy Crazy by Riley Blake
Date Finished: May 2014

This was my first time attempting to do spiral quilting.  I did everything on my home machine and was pleasantly surprised with how well it went!  And I LOVE the effect this quilting leaves!  So don’t be intimidated by the spiral – they are definitely worth the effort and aren’t nearly as complicated as I anticipated!

Boy Crazy, Jelly Roll Jam Quilt, Spiral Quilting

A big thank you to those of you who weighed in on the border/no border debate.  As you can see, I decided to go with a border but I did stray from the gray/white I was thinking and went with Kona Khaki!  The warmer tones in the khaki looked so much better alongside the quilt top compared to the cooler grays and whites.

Boy Crazy, Jelly Roll Jam Quilt, Spiral Quilting

I tried something new with this quilt that I always hear mixed reviews about in the quilting world.  When I was sewing down my binding (I finished it by machine), I used a different color thread in my bobbin than on my spool!

I knew I wanted to use the same teal thread from my quilting on my spool so that it would blend into the binding fabric, but the bobbin thread was going to be making a straight line down the edge of my khaki border and I felt the teal would stand out too much (especially with the spiral quilting).  So I used a tan thread in my bobbin to blend with the Kona khaki and I’m happy to report that I didn’t have any issues with the different colors poking through onto the opposite side.  I guess I must have my tension set really well!

Different Thread on Bobbin vs Spool

I also love how this label turns out and I think it is my favorite I have made so far.  As you can see from this picture, the teal thread I used for quilting blended almost perfectly into the quilt back!

Boy Crazy, Jelly Roll Jam Quilt, Spiral Quilting

Now let’s get real for a second here.  I know the blogging world likes to present these “perfect” finished projects when we share our creations (heck – I’m guilty of this too!) but sometimes I think it is nice to see that our quilts don’t have to be “perfect” for them to look great.

While it is true what I said above that spiral quilting wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected, my spiral still isn’t perfect.

Spiral Quilting, Imperfections

See those wonky lines and little points coming off of what is supposed to be a smooth continuous curve?  If you looked really closely, there are plenty of little mistakes like this throughout my quilting.  But they don’t change to overall effect of the spiral (you’d NEVER notice them when taking in the quilt as a whole) nor do they hurt the actual construction and durability of the quilt.

In my opinion, it is these little imperfections that really show that something is handmade.  Nothing we make by hand is ever going to be “perfect” (ie mistake free), but it is the time and effort and love that we put into a creation that really makes it perfect.

I hope no one ever feels like their work isn’t “good enough” because it doesn’t seem as “perfect” as the final projects presented by others.  Embrace the imperfections because they are what make each of our projects special!

Boy Crazy, Jelly Roll Jam Quilt, Spiral Quilting

Overall, I am really happy with the quilt and it is a great pattern for something you want to come together quickly but still have a lot of visual interest.

Boy Crazy, Jelly Roll Jam Quilt, Spiral Quilting

I can’t wait to meet my friend’s new little bundle of joy and to give him his present!

21 thoughts on “Finished Quilt – Boy Crazy

  1. This quilt is lovely. Thank you for being so honest about your quilting experience. I’m thinking of trying spirals on my next quilt, so it’s interesting to hear from someone who’s tried it. You’re quite right that no one notices tiny mistakes in a heavily patterned quilt. Even we struggle to find them again ourselves sometimes. It will make a lovely gift.

  2. Beautiful quilt! Your “it’s not perfect” confession made me smile. My quilts are full of the same things, and I just have to consciously remind myself of the same things you mentioned. They’re still all pretty, even with little boo-boos here and there. Your spiral quilting is wonderful on this quilt–I want to give it a go, too. Now for a project…hee hee.

  3. I would like to meet the person who can make a “perfect” quilt, mine are made with love, imperfections and all. My husband once told me, They are works of art. I think your quilt looks great, and good for you on trying the spiral quilting!!

  4. It’s gorgeous-ripples and all. I think that we hold ourselves to sometimes ridiculously high standards that those who receive our gifts of love would never dream of asking for or looking for in their gifts.

  5. I love your quilt! And your quilting is wonderful! I tried 2 different colors on the top and bottom a couple times and it poked through so I gave up. I may have to try it again sometime, it would be so nice to do this sometimes 🙂 Great job!

  6. This is such a great quilt. I love the spiral quilting. The first time I tried spiral quilting I was at a quilting retreat. The ladies reminded me several times that it would look better after I washed it. I was amazed at how right they were.

  7. Good for you and your different bobbin color. I tried that on the quilt I’m working on right now, and little spots of salmon showed through the navy quilting lines on the quilt top. Arg!

  8. Congratulations to you all! A sweet finished quilt for the new little addition to the family. Love the look of the spiral quilting – both from afar and up close and personal. Bravo for showing it how it is. Perfection is highly overrated! Well done! Have fun snuggling the little recipient!

  9. Thanks for the reminder about not having to be perfect! I’ve been trying to remind myself that once it’s washed that won’t really show. I love the spiral that you did – I’m going to have to try one soon.

  10. Love your Jelly Roll Jam quilt, colors and fabric are wonderful. I have made two of these, and such a fun and fast quilt project that really shows off a good fabric collection. So agree with your comments on quilt perfection being overrated, I always have a few bugaboos here and there. Part of the homemade with love!

  11. hopping over from Finished Friday from Richard and Tanya’s quilts. lovely work, stop by my blog for giveaway. If I ever have another blog, i am going to call it That Darn Binding.. lol

  12. I love the label, the border, and the quilting. I’ve made several of these but never tried a border. I’ve been wanting to try the spiral too but have been afraid because I have several people in my guild who are really picky about perfection. It gets frustrating. Maybe I’ll try it and just new show them. 😉

  13. This turned out great, and thank you for being so open and honest. I do wish more quilters wouldn’t be afraid of mistakes and share their work. Not only can it inspire, but it can teach, too. We can all learn together!

  14. Great job on the spiral quilting – congrats. I am sure the little fellow will love his new quilt. I appreciate your honesty. I have yet to really try machine quilting due mostly to what I seen on the various blogs…really spectacular quilting that I don’t think I can do. Kinda intimidating.

  15. Loved that pattern when I first saw it and yours looks beautiful! I love the added border and your quilting is awesome, love it all finished:)

  16. What a great post. This is my first visit to your blog. I love how genuine you sound in your writing. Did you free motion the spiral or use a walking foot? Also, did you draw lines to follow or just go for it? The result is lovely. I haven’t tried large spirals like that – only smaller ones that were filling a block at a time.

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