Jelly Roll Jam Quilt Top

It was really gross and rainy outside yesterday evening – the perfect kind of weather to stay inside and sew!  And since the rain meant I couldn’t mow the lawn, I had plenty of time to finish piecing the top for my Jelly Roll Jam quilt!


After I’d sewn all the strips together, I used glue basting for the rest of the piecing to try to make sure all of my seams were matched up nicely.  Glue basting is probably my new favorite technique and I’d say it worked pretty well here.


My only concern with this quilt top is its size.  It is only about 36″ square currently which just feels a little small.  But then again, it is supposed to be a baby quilt.


I was thinking about adding a solid border around the outside (maybe 2.5″ – 3″ wide).  It would probably be a white or gray so that the colors from the jelly roll still pop and are allowed to shine.

What do you think about a border for this quilt top?


9 thoughts on “Jelly Roll Jam Quilt Top

  1. I did a border on one of my jelly roll jams because I thought it was a bit small too ( I made it for an under 2 year old so I wanted it a little bigger so it would suit her toddler size more, and to last a bit longer as she grew. I think a small plain border will look great, and will help show off the fun binding you have picked out!

    I’ve seen some tutorials on glue basting and I want to try it! I just haven’t gotten around to trying to find appropriate glue 😀

  2. I think a border would be perfect. I think it would make it larger, but it would also frame in the quilt which is always nice.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful as it is, but a border or two would make it a little larger so a child could enjoy it for several years instead of just one year.

  4. I’m always on the fence when it comes to borders, but if it feels small, then you definitely want to add one or two. I do two, if I’m doing borders at all. A white/grey one, then a color, or scrappy one. Something fun.

    Good luck – it’s super cute as it is, but if you want it to last longer than just the baby years, it’s going to need to be bigger!

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