Target is Now Selling Fabric!

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but Target stores are starting to carry fabric!  A company called Fabric Editions who focuses on pre-cuts has put together a line called Fabric Loft that will be sold in Target stores.  They’ve even created a variety of free projects to go with their fabric.  Target is already a dangerous store for me to enter because I always end up buying more than I plan.


There are currently 4 different collections in Fabric Loft: Escape, Motley, Trapeze, and Vogue.  Each collection contains 100% cotton, canvas, and burlap pre-cuts.  You can see all of them here.  My Target had 1 yard cuts of canvas ($9.99), 1 yard cuts of cotton ($5.99 – solids, $6.99 – prints), fat quarters of cotton ($1.79), 1 yard cuts of burlap ($7.99) and burlap ribbon ($4.99).


I don’t know much about burlap so I can’t comment on its quality but the 100% cotton felt pretty nice.  It was heavy enough that it won’t be see-through like some other inexpensive fabrics and it felt like it would hold up well.  It wasn’t quite as soft as quilt-shop quality fabrics but would probably work really well for certain projects.

IMG_0063  IMG_0064

The canvas felt really sturdy.  I haven’t worked with canvas before but I do have a little bit of Koi canvas in my stash for a bag I’m planning to make and the Fabric Loft canvas is definitely heavier than the Koi canvas.  I really loved the colors in the canvas they had available.  Some of them were really vibrant!

IMG_0065  IMG_0066

I resisted the urge to buy some (I already have plenty on my plate at the moment) but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold off on trying them out.  I think they’d be good options for things like pillows, bags, etc.

You can see all the Target stores that currently carry the fabric here and if there isn’t a store near you, you can request your area for expansion.  Has anyone else seen these or maybe even gotten the chance to try them out?  What do you think about them?


4 thoughts on “Target is Now Selling Fabric!

  1. Shut the front door! I’m with you – Target is a dangerous place for my wallet and if they start carrying fabric then I’m in mega-trouble. Thankfully the closest Target w/ fabric is >1.5 hours away but I’ll have to pop in and check it out!

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