Progress on Born to Quilt

I was able to cut into my bundle of Born to Quilt fabrics this weekend and start working on my mini quilt for the Windham Fabrics booth at Quilt Market.

First I jumped right in to fussy cutting the fun text print.  I wish I’d taken a picture of just the fussy cut phrases but I was so excited about making my plan work that I jumped immediately into all the quilt math to figure out how much spacing I could put between each phrase to stay within my 18″ by 18″ size requirement.  I decided to have the phrases run in a diagonal stripe across the quilt and quickly had them sewn together and trimmed down to size.


As I mentioned last post, I really wanted to use the striped print for my binding but when I actually did my calculations, I wasn’t sent enough of that print to bind the whole mini quilt.  I decided I’d intermix some of the black chalkboard fabric with the stripes to give me enough length.  I alternated sections and put together my binding so it will be ready to go.


Now I just have to make the corner triangle to complete my 18″ by 18″ square.  Yay for lots of quilt math!  I’ve decided to make these corner triangle out of a square quilt block and two smaller triangles, like this:

Corner Triangle

The square blocks are going to have to finish at 5.5″ so they will be pretty small.  I think I’m just going to do some scrappy stripes using multiple prints from the collection for the side triangles.  So the full corner will look something like this:

Corner Triangle Plan

I don’t know what blocks I should use for the square though.  I’m thinking I’ll do a different block for each corner.  Any recommendations? What is your favorite block (that would hopefully translate well to such a small size)?


6 thoughts on “Progress on Born to Quilt

  1. Love the fussy cutting! Lots of great ideas pop to mind for your block in the corner, but I’m kind of a sappy, silly quilter and maybe a simply heart block would work? I did a quick search around and I would modify this block ( down to be 4 pieces. Or even easier would be to just use 3 pieces like in these blocks ( A modern + would work for the other corner! Good luck!

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