Born to Quilt

After working two really long days both yesterday and the day before and then coming home last night to find thousands of pieces of glass all over my garage (two beer growlers exploded while I was at work), finding this lovely little bundle on my doorstep was just what I needed!


Windham Fabrics sent me a bundle of some of the prints from their new “Born to Quilt” line (available in May 2014).  I’m going to use this new line to make an 18″ square mini-quilt for Windham Fabrics.  And guess what?  They’ll be displaying it in their booth at the International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, PA in May!  I’m really excited!

Born to Quilt is a chalkboard-style collection and it contains some really cute prints!  Check out this fabric!  I think this print is just begging for some fussy-cutting!


The line is mostly black with white designs (like a chalkboard).  I really like the soft polka dots.


Windham Fabrics also sent me this fun geometric green fabric (not from this collection) to use as the backing.  And I think the striped print will make a good binding.


I’ll be honest – all of the ideas I had come up with for this quilt got shot down when I saw the fabrics I received.  I’m used to working with bright colors but I think designing around this bundle is really going to stretch me and make me think outside the box.

Time to start designing!


5 thoughts on “Born to Quilt

  1. So excited to see the flimsy you can make with that cool fabric… only 18″ gotta make it count! And to have your work featured in their booth at quilt market ROCKS! Hope to see some progress here if you can post it! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Kathi

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