My Mini Shopping Spree

So I’m sure many of you have been seeing the various recap posts from Sew South that are floating around the blog-o-sphere right now.  The various posts have convinced me that I really need to try to go next year!  First, you get to meet lots of other awesome quilters who understand each other’s obsessions.  And secondly, you get to make (and bring back with you) lots of really cute stuff!

One of the things from these recap posts that really caught my eye were the really cute embroidery patterns that Alison Glass taught.  So when I saw on Twitter today that Alison has added the embroidery sampler to her shop, I knew I needed to try it out for myself!  Plus, she is offering 20% off all embroidery patterns in the shop this week with code EMB20 (and shopping sprees are better when things are on sale!).

Image of Clover Sunshine Needle Book

Sew Lux put together Perle thread samplers for Sew South too and they are now carrying them in their shop too so I picked that up as well!

Clover Sunshine Perle Sampler

And since I’ve never embroidered before, I knew I’d need some kind of frame/hoop to work on the project.  I’ve heard really good things about the 11″x11″ Q-Snap frames (mainly from people raving about them in Sew South recaps) so I decided to pick up one from Amazon and try it out myself.

And since I was on Amazon and wanted to take advantage of free shipping, I needed to add a couple more things to my cart.  Of course they ought to be quilting related so I picked up a couple of books I’ve had my eye on: Simply Modern Christmas and Vintage Quilt Revival.


I can’t wait for my loot to arrive!  🙂  Anyone else done some impromptu shopping lately?

Note: Some links in this post are affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage if you make a purchase using the link (so I can fund my fabric buying habits).  🙂  All opinions are my own though!


4 thoughts on “My Mini Shopping Spree

  1. Oh so glad you posted this! I was drooling over that embroidery design myself… Now I too can sew one up!!

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