Finished Quilt – Baby’s First ABCs

I finished my panel baby quilt just in time for my friend’s baby shower this past weekend!


“Baby’s First ABCs”
Quilt Stats:
Size: 43″ x 45″
Pattern: None.  This quilt was my own design.
Type of Quilting: Straight Line (with some curves) on my home machine
Fabric Line(s) Used: “ABC with Me” and “ABC to Z” by Alexander Henry
Date Finished: March 2014

DSC_1639  DSC_1638

I did straight line quilting in the outer border and quilted a medium sized grid in the panel itself.  I wanted to hold everything together in the middle without distracting from the panel design.


I was going to try some free motion quilting in the gray polka-dot border but I was having lots of issues with loops on the back of my practice fabric.  I don’t know if it was a tension issue or an issue with the speed of my hands vs. the speed of the machine.  Either way, I didn’t have time to solve it at the moment so I decided to make some curves with my walking foot instead.  That’s sort of a step between straight line and free-motion quilting, right?


I love all the bright colors (although it is a bit of a departure from the more commonly seen pastels in baby quilts).


The ABC print on the back is great too and was perfect for this quilt!

DSC_1635  DSC_1636

Then I got it folded up nicely …

DSC_1640  DSC_1641

And wrapped it up to take to the baby shower!


The quilt was definitely a hit and I can see myself taking advantage of super cute panels again in the future!


9 thoughts on “Finished Quilt – Baby’s First ABCs

  1. The quilt turned out great – the backing fabric is super cute, too! I hate it when I have a deadline and the stitching starts acting up, so great job coming up with a great solution. 🙂

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