ABC Baby Quilt

One of my good friends is currently pregnant with her first child, a little boy.  We are all so excited for her and her husband, especially because they are the first of our group of friends from college to have kids.

I’m going to her shower on Saturday and I wanted to make her a quilt for my gift.  I had bought a jelly roll of Riley Blake’s Boy Crazy line but her shower ended up being earlier than I expected and I don’t have enough time to make that quilt and have it ready to go by this upcoming weekend.  Don’t worry, it will still make a later appearance!

Knowing I needed something that I could pull together quickly, I decided to use a quilt panel.  I found this adorable alphabet panel from Alexander Henry called ABC with Me that I thought would be perfect!


I figured I could add a few borders on it to make it a little bigger and I’d end up with a quick yet adorable baby quilt in time for the shower!

I got to work on it this past weekend and here’s a sneak peek of how it is coming together!  I am almost ready to show off the quilt top so you’ll be able to see more soon!


I had never worked with a fabric panel before this and, while I think my final quilt will still be great, I noticed a couple things that disappointed me.  I wonder if the things I’m seeing are typical of quilt panels or if I just got unlucky with this particular one.

First, while there was plenty of space at the bottom for a 1/4″ seam, as you can see in the photo above, the panel wasn’t cut with much extra space at the top to sew a 1/4″ seam without cutting off parts of the pictures.  I ended up making my seams as large as possible without cutting off anything important and I also sewed that first border on with one of my machine’s stretch stitches that it supposed to be much stronger than a basic straight stitch (it stitches 3 sets of straight lines, basically).

Secondly, parts of the panel images were actually printed in the selvage!  You can see here where the little holes in the selvage are actually in the image of the newt.


And this happened all the way along the side, even hitting parts of the letters.  I can’t sew the letters into the seam (or trim them off like I normally would with selvage).  Again, I just sewed as much of the selvage into the seam as possible without cutting off anything important.  I’m hoping when it is all quilted and washed that those little selvage holes won’t be very noticeable.

Has anyone else had these issues when working with a quilt panel before?  Or did I just get unlucky with this particular one?



3 thoughts on “ABC Baby Quilt

  1. My experience with panels are that they are just plain ole’ wonky as in biased a lot of the time. I still like working with them though. Yours will be adorable when you are all done. You could try wetting that ‘holey’ area down just a bit and scrubbing gently with your finger nail or a clean toothbrush to see if that helps the fabric ‘grow’ back together a bit. Visiting from Anything Goes.

  2. Yes! Panels are always a little off, at least for me. Never had one in the selvedge though.Usually I cannot get them to square up without cutting off something, but I think we are the only ones that notice:) I am sure it will wash up just fine. I do take a closer look when I buy them now.

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