Stash Bee 2014 – February Blocks

During our snow days this week, I finished up the February blocks for the Stash Bee.  Our Queen for this month is Diane who blogs at The Cheshire Quilter and she requested applique blocks with hearts and/or flowers.

That’s it.  No color preferences, no preference on how we appliqued (hand or machine) or what stitch we used.  I honestly had more trouble putting these blocks together because, with the lack of specific guidance, I was questioning everything I was doing!  I hope Diane likes what I came up with!


I have never really done applique before so I decided to stick with machine applique as that seemed easier to learn than hand stitching.


As I started working on the blocks though, I found it fun so I made her a few.  Who doesn’t love a little variety?  🙂


And with it being right around Valentine’s Day, I had to make one that was a little festive!


I’ll be putting these in the mail soon.  They’re heading across the pond as Diane lives in the UK!


6 thoughts on “Stash Bee 2014 – February Blocks

  1. I must say your applique is great. Lovely blocks you have stitched there. I particularly love the green block; I love the the colour and the patterns of the fabric.

  2. I wonder… You look like you really enjoyed the machine applique and you did such a wonderful job of each of those blocks…. Are you addicted? I love applique! Your flowers and hearts are beautiful and very creative!

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