Cross / Plus Quilt Top Finished!

With the ice and snow expected to come through Atlanta this week (we haven’t actually seen much yet but it is supposed to get worse this afternoon and tonight), I got yesterday off work for another sewing day.  With all that dedicated sewing time (while watching the Olympics of course), I was able to finish the top of my cross / plus quilt for my brother.  I even managed to sneak in a photoshoot despite the dreary weather!


I love the colors in this quilt!  The reds and blues are so bright and fun!

DSC_1562  DSC_1563

I used glue basting to help ensure all of the seams lined up properly.  I must say that glue basting might be my new favorite sewing / quilting trick!  It is so much easier than pinning and works really well.

DSC_1564  DSC_1565

I was a little worried that with only 3 colors the crosses / pluses wouldn’t stand out and be obvious enough but I love how it turned out!


Now I just need this dreary weather to dry up so that I can get this top spray basting and get started on the quilting!


14 thoughts on “Cross / Plus Quilt Top Finished!

  1. What a great quilt! I’m living in Switzerland (with a Cross for a flag), skiing is the national pasttime and I’m Southern (from SC), a long way from snow this season. 🙂 Congrats to your brother (I read the story behind the quilt): He’s really lucky to have such a talented Big Sis too!

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