Stash Bee 2014 – January Blocks

With so many different quilt-alongs, online/virtual quilting bees, block-of-the-months, and other quilting activities getting started with the beginning of the new year, it is really easy to find some extra activities to get involved with.

One thing I’ll be doing this year is participating in Stash Bee 2014!

Stash Bee is made up of multiple hives, each containing 11 hive members and running for 11 months (January-November).  I’m in Hive #6 with the following lovely ladies:

Each month, one member is the “Queen” and posts a tutorial for a block she would like the others to make.  Everyone else completes her block using fabrics from their stash and sends it off to her to finish the quilt top.  Danny Heyen, who blogs at Mommy For Reals, coordinates all of Stash Bee and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Courtney was our Queen for January and she wanted a basic nine-patch block but asked for low volume for the corner squares and scrappy mini-nine-patch blocks for the other five.  Here are the blocks I’ve made for her:

DSC_1517     DSC_1516

I’ve been starting to collect mini charm squares (the 2.5″ ones) because I’d eventually like to make a large postage stamp quilt.  It was fun to get the chance to play with postage stamps for a bit with these blocks.  I also learned what a wonderful thing chain piecing can be.  🙂

I hope Courtney likes them!


My Grandma’s Quilt

While I was home for the holidays, I discovered that my parents are now the owners of one of my grandma’s quilts.  They don’t know a ton about exactly when it was made (and it doesn’t have any kind of tag or label) but they did know that it is a king sized quilt that she and my grandpa used on their bed for many years.


What really impressed me about this quilt though is that every single stitch of the piecing, quilting, and binding was all done by my grandma by hand!  It must of taken her quite a while!

IMG_0020   IMG_0019

The quilting within each individual block is different and they typically echo or follow the design itself in some way.  The block borders and sashing were all quilted with connected diamonds.  I loved that I was able to identify some of the specific blocks she used too!

IMG_0013   IMG_0017


The outer border is a crosshatch design but she also included these large echoing diamonds in the corners.

IMG_0018   IMG_0016

The backing was simple a small floral design.  I really wish there had been some kind of a label though.  Seeing this quilt makes me that much more convinced that I will definitely be labeling every quilt I make.


Unfortunately, we lost my grandma before I ever became interested in quilting so I wasn’t able to talk with her and learn from her but it is still neat to have this little piece of history (and a beautiful piece at that!).