Quilt Top Finished – My Sister’s Quilt!

This weekend I finished adding the last of the sashing and borders to my sister’s quilt and did a little photo shoot.  I wanted to show it off a little better than the poor lighting shot in my last post.


The wind wasn’t being super cooperative today so I couldn’t get it to hang quite flat but you can still see the full quilt pretty well.

DSC_1542  DSC_1547

The colors are much more vibrant than they looked in my dim extra bedroom too!

DSC_1550  DSC_1540

I feel like the quilting on this is going to be way trickier than on the baby quilt I made.  This quilt is over more than 80″ by 80″!  That’s a lot of fabric to maneuver through my domestic machine!


I’m really happy with how it turned out though.  Plus, I’m feeling a little ahead of the trends.  There are definitely some Radiant Orchid colors in there (Pantone’s Color of the Year) but this quilt was started before that was ever announced.  Who knew I was such a trendsetter?!?  🙂

DSC_1551                                    DSC_1544

I can’t wait for my sister to see this!  But I’m having trouble coming up with a good name.  The colors are definitely cooler and I was leaning towards something like “Ice Crystals” but I’m just not sure.  Any suggestions?


26 thoughts on “Quilt Top Finished – My Sister’s Quilt!

  1. Loving all the orchid. Congrats on such a beautiful finish. Good luck with the quilting. Just take your time and take breaks. You can do it! Maybe you should consider a name with the word Orchid in it? Chrystal Orchid?

  2. Reminds me of the colors of our coastal sunsets here in Sunset Beach, NC
    How about ” Coastal Sunset”, what ever you call it she is gonna love it!
    Nicely done!

    Happy Sewing

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