My Grandma’s Quilt

While I was home for the holidays, I discovered that my parents are now the owners of one of my grandma’s quilts.  They don’t know a ton about exactly when it was made (and it doesn’t have any kind of tag or label) but they did know that it is a king sized quilt that she and my grandpa used on their bed for many years.


What really impressed me about this quilt though is that every single stitch of the piecing, quilting, and binding was all done by my grandma by hand!  It must of taken her quite a while!

IMG_0020   IMG_0019

The quilting within each individual block is different and they typically echo or follow the design itself in some way.  The block borders and sashing were all quilted with connected diamonds.  I loved that I was able to identify some of the specific blocks she used too!

IMG_0013   IMG_0017


The outer border is a crosshatch design but she also included these large echoing diamonds in the corners.

IMG_0018   IMG_0016

The backing was simple a small floral design.  I really wish there had been some kind of a label though.  Seeing this quilt makes me that much more convinced that I will definitely be labeling every quilt I make.


Unfortunately, we lost my grandma before I ever became interested in quilting so I wasn’t able to talk with her and learn from her but it is still neat to have this little piece of history (and a beautiful piece at that!).


11 thoughts on “My Grandma’s Quilt

  1. What a treasure to have!! That is a beautiful quilt, all done by hand? My goodness I am glad we have our modern technology but I bet that quilt is as soft and cuddly as a quilt can be.

  2. What a wonderful treasure you have there! Thanks for showing it.
    I wish my grandmother was still around when I started doing crochet and I feel as you do that it would have been nice to be able to share that with her.

  3. What a treasure! (I’m just looking at all the other comments and see we all used that same word–but it was the first thing that came to mind as I read your post–and it really is a treasure!) She must have put so much time and love into all the details.

    One of the first things my mom, my quilting mentor, taught me was the importance of labeling my quilts. You could still label it with what information you have so it isn’t forgotten.

  4. This is a beautiful heirloom. It is still in excellent condition. What a sweet memory of your grandmother, and a happy thought that you have something in common with her. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. OMGosh, that is amazing. She worked so hard on that. I’m so glad it stayed within a family who will love and treasure it. My MIL pieced and quilted by hand too. She tried using the machine and hated it, so she did everything by hand.

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