WIP Wednesday – 10 Down, 15 to Go!

In between working on my Modern Tree blocks, I’ve also been continuing to work on the blocks for my sister’s quilt.  So far, I have 10 blocks completed so I’ve got 15 left to go.  Almost to the halfway point!


Having just these 10 blocks laid out on the kitchen floor, I’ve starting to realize how large this quilt is going to be when I’m finished!  Don’t mind my dog, Khloe.  She wanted to help me with the picture taking.  For size reference, she is a 40 lb lab mix.


And actually, my quilt is going to end up a little bit smaller than what the pattern calls for.  I realized that when I’ve sewn the pieces on my squares together, I must not be lining up the edges exactly how I am supposed to.  The seams all look good but the outside edges of my finished squares didn’t align at all.  And I wasn’t able to trim them down to the 16″ squares the pattern called for and be able to get even sides.  So I decided to make them 15.5″ squares instead.

Thanks for the help Khloe!


Do your pets “help” you with your sewing at all?  Khloe couldn’t care less about what I’m doing when I’m actually sewing but when things start being laid out on the floor, she gets very excited!


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