Target is Now Selling Fabric!

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but Target stores are starting to carry fabric!  A company called Fabric Editions who focuses on pre-cuts has put together a line called Fabric Loft that will be sold in Target stores.  They’ve even created a variety of free projects to go with their fabric.  Target is already a dangerous store for me to enter because I always end up buying more than I plan.


There are currently 4 different collections in Fabric Loft: Escape, Motley, Trapeze, and Vogue.  Each collection contains 100% cotton, canvas, and burlap pre-cuts.  You can see all of them here.  My Target had 1 yard cuts of canvas ($9.99), 1 yard cuts of cotton ($5.99 – solids, $6.99 – prints), fat quarters of cotton ($1.79), 1 yard cuts of burlap ($7.99) and burlap ribbon ($4.99).


I don’t know much about burlap so I can’t comment on its quality but the 100% cotton felt pretty nice.  It was heavy enough that it won’t be see-through like some other inexpensive fabrics and it felt like it would hold up well.  It wasn’t quite as soft as quilt-shop quality fabrics but would probably work really well for certain projects.

IMG_0063  IMG_0064

The canvas felt really sturdy.  I haven’t worked with canvas before but I do have a little bit of Koi canvas in my stash for a bag I’m planning to make and the Fabric Loft canvas is definitely heavier than the Koi canvas.  I really loved the colors in the canvas they had available.  Some of them were really vibrant!

IMG_0065  IMG_0066

I resisted the urge to buy some (I already have plenty on my plate at the moment) but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold off on trying them out.  I think they’d be good options for things like pillows, bags, etc.

You can see all the Target stores that currently carry the fabric here and if there isn’t a store near you, you can request your area for expansion.  Has anyone else seen these or maybe even gotten the chance to try them out?  What do you think about them?

Progress on Born to Quilt

I was able to cut into my bundle of Born to Quilt fabrics this weekend and start working on my mini quilt for the Windham Fabrics booth at Quilt Market.

First I jumped right in to fussy cutting the fun text print.  I wish I’d taken a picture of just the fussy cut phrases but I was so excited about making my plan work that I jumped immediately into all the quilt math to figure out how much spacing I could put between each phrase to stay within my 18″ by 18″ size requirement.  I decided to have the phrases run in a diagonal stripe across the quilt and quickly had them sewn together and trimmed down to size.


As I mentioned last post, I really wanted to use the striped print for my binding but when I actually did my calculations, I wasn’t sent enough of that print to bind the whole mini quilt.  I decided I’d intermix some of the black chalkboard fabric with the stripes to give me enough length.  I alternated sections and put together my binding so it will be ready to go.


Now I just have to make the corner triangle to complete my 18″ by 18″ square.  Yay for lots of quilt math!  I’ve decided to make these corner triangle out of a square quilt block and two smaller triangles, like this:

Corner Triangle

The square blocks are going to have to finish at 5.5″ so they will be pretty small.  I think I’m just going to do some scrappy stripes using multiple prints from the collection for the side triangles.  So the full corner will look something like this:

Corner Triangle Plan

I don’t know what blocks I should use for the square though.  I’m thinking I’ll do a different block for each corner.  Any recommendations? What is your favorite block (that would hopefully translate well to such a small size)?

Born to Quilt

After working two really long days both yesterday and the day before and then coming home last night to find thousands of pieces of glass all over my garage (two beer growlers exploded while I was at work), finding this lovely little bundle on my doorstep was just what I needed!


Windham Fabrics sent me a bundle of some of the prints from their new “Born to Quilt” line (available in May 2014).  I’m going to use this new line to make an 18″ square mini-quilt for Windham Fabrics.  And guess what?  They’ll be displaying it in their booth at the International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, PA in May!  I’m really excited!

Born to Quilt is a chalkboard-style collection and it contains some really cute prints!  Check out this fabric!  I think this print is just begging for some fussy-cutting!


The line is mostly black with white designs (like a chalkboard).  I really like the soft polka dots.


Windham Fabrics also sent me this fun geometric green fabric (not from this collection) to use as the backing.  And I think the striped print will make a good binding.


I’ll be honest – all of the ideas I had come up with for this quilt got shot down when I saw the fabrics I received.  I’m used to working with bright colors but I think designing around this bundle is really going to stretch me and make me think outside the box.

Time to start designing!

More Skill Builder Blocks

I got a little bit behind on my Skill Builder BOM blocks while I was busy with other projects but I finished up two more blocks in the last few days and got all caught back up.

First up is the Machine Stitches block.


Man were there tons of tiny seams in this block!  Just check out what the back looks like (is it bad that I think it is almost as neat looking as the front?)!


The second block is the Chevron Star and Churn Dash block.


I think it is kind of fun that this super modern quilt is still incorporating a couple of very traditional blocks.

Here’s how the quilt is coming along so far:

Composite of Completed Blocks

Now I just need to get caught up on the quilting of my blocks (I’ll admit – I haven’t started that yet!)!

My Mini Shopping Spree

So I’m sure many of you have been seeing the various recap posts from Sew South that are floating around the blog-o-sphere right now.  The various posts have convinced me that I really need to try to go next year!  First, you get to meet lots of other awesome quilters who understand each other’s obsessions.  And secondly, you get to make (and bring back with you) lots of really cute stuff!

One of the things from these recap posts that really caught my eye were the really cute embroidery patterns that Alison Glass taught.  So when I saw on Twitter today that Alison has added the embroidery sampler to her shop, I knew I needed to try it out for myself!  Plus, she is offering 20% off all embroidery patterns in the shop this week with code EMB20 (and shopping sprees are better when things are on sale!).

Image of Clover Sunshine Needle Book

Sew Lux put together Perle thread samplers for Sew South too and they are now carrying them in their shop too so I picked that up as well!

Clover Sunshine Perle Sampler

And since I’ve never embroidered before, I knew I’d need some kind of frame/hoop to work on the project.  I’ve heard really good things about the 11″x11″ Q-Snap frames (mainly from people raving about them in Sew South recaps) so I decided to pick up one from Amazon and try it out myself.

And since I was on Amazon and wanted to take advantage of free shipping, I needed to add a couple more things to my cart.  Of course they ought to be quilting related so I picked up a couple of books I’ve had my eye on: Simply Modern Christmas and Vintage Quilt Revival.


I can’t wait for my loot to arrive!  :)  Anyone else done some impromptu shopping lately?

Note: Some links in this post are affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage if you make a purchase using the link (so I can fund my fabric buying habits).  :)  All opinions are my own though!

Star Light Star Bright – Finished Pillow

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated you on my progress on the Star Light Star Bright Quilt-A-Long but I promise that I’ve been working on it behind the scenes since then and now I have a finished project to show you!

But first, I want to show you the progression.  :)

When I last posted, we were preparing for the last section of the block, the corners!  I got mine all sewn together and you can start to really see what the block is going to look like in the end.

DSC_1606  DSC_1607

Now that I had all of the components made, I sewed everything together and I added a small border to the outside.


Now I was ready to finish up the project!  I decided to use this quilt-a-long to tackle my first pillow.  I used some scraps of batting from other quilting projects and picked up some muslin at Joann Fabrics to use for the backing (since it is just going to end up on the inside of the pillow anyway) and got everything basted and ready to go!


For the back of the pillow, I used a large piece of one of my fabrics from the Star Light Star Bright block.  I loved the fabric but the larger design definitely got chopped up in the piecing for the front so I was really happy to have the chance to highlight it here.  I did dense straight line quilting and I love the texture it creates!

DSC_1655  DSC_1658

I did a lot of echo quilting in the colored areas of my Star Light Start Bright block and left the white background areas plain.  It was really easy to make the echos as I simply followed the edge of my walking foot along the previous line of quilting.

DSC_1650  DSC_1654

Now that I had everything quilted, it was really quick and easy to sew the two halves together and make my pillow!


The pillow’s final dimensions are 16″ by 16″ and I already had a pillow form ready to go (I saw it on clearance at Joann Fabrics mid-project and decided to go ahead and pick it up).

DSC_1660  DSC_1661

I even successfully installed my first zipper and was honestly happily surprised to find that it really isn’t that difficult to do!

DSC_1663  DSC_1664

Now I have to find the perfect place in my house for my new pillow to live!


Can’t wait to see how everyone else’s projects turn out!  Our quilt-along host, Melissa, is going to be hosting a parade of finished projects over at Happy Quilting Melissa on April 2 so be sure to check everything out!

Finished Quilt – Baby’s First ABCs

I finished my panel baby quilt just in time for my friend’s baby shower this past weekend!


“Baby’s First ABCs”
Quilt Stats:
Size: 43″ x 45″
Pattern: None.  This quilt was my own design.
Type of Quilting: Straight Line (with some curves) on my home machine
Fabric Line(s) Used: “ABC with Me” and “ABC to Z” by Alexander Henry
Date Finished: March 2014

DSC_1639  DSC_1638

I did straight line quilting in the outer border and quilted a medium sized grid in the panel itself.  I wanted to hold everything together in the middle without distracting from the panel design.


I was going to try some free motion quilting in the gray polka-dot border but I was having lots of issues with loops on the back of my practice fabric.  I don’t know if it was a tension issue or an issue with the speed of my hands vs. the speed of the machine.  Either way, I didn’t have time to solve it at the moment so I decided to make some curves with my walking foot instead.  That’s sort of a step between straight line and free-motion quilting, right?


I love all the bright colors (although it is a bit of a departure from the more commonly seen pastels in baby quilts).


The ABC print on the back is great too and was perfect for this quilt!

DSC_1635  DSC_1636

Then I got it folded up nicely …

DSC_1640  DSC_1641

And wrapped it up to take to the baby shower!


The quilt was definitely a hit and I can see myself taking advantage of super cute panels again in the future!